About Us

For over thirty years The FORTÉ® Institute has been helping corporations and individuals improve interpersonal communications, build effective teams, and increase productivity and resiliency.

That is what keeps us jazzed every day as we serve over 6,000 clients across the globe using FORTÉ®’s range of communication style reports and performance coaching tools.

We put communication intelligence at your fingertips.

Our Founder:

C.D. “Hoop” Morgan, III is the Founder/Chairman of this global behavioral sciences firm. He is the author/developer of the proprietary, computerized [and amazingly accurate] FORTÉ Interpersonal Communication Style Report which is used throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, India, Korea and beyond. Hoop is a recognized master in developing effective individuals, leaders and teams.

Hoop and his wife Hope reside in Wilmington, NC. His interests include the activities of their children, as well as being a pilot, golf enthusiast, advanced open water scuba diver, boater, computer and gadget junkie, and professional people watcher.

Hoop Morgan photo

“A core FORTÉ concept,” according to founder Hoop Morgan, “is that it’s not so much who a person is, but how effectively they can adapt to other individuals in varying environments or situations that determines success.”