Communicating to Hire


Last year Derek Thompson wrote a brief article for The Atlantic titled:



Anyone who has owned a business, run a business, hired for a position, or worked inside a company has likely wondered the same thing.


The article concludes that: “People are complicated, organizations are complicated, matching people and organizations is complicated, and it’s extremely difficult to predict who will be brilliant and who will be a bust.”


Even large, successful corporations like Google find predicting who will be a good fit for a position perplexingly hard.


(Note: Google has admitted that the brainteaser questions they are famous for asking their interviewees are ultimately useless in finding the right candidate.)


So how do you choose among a stack – even a narrowed down, voted upon stack – of resumes with applicants that look equally qualified?


How do you choose between the top three candidates you brought in for interviews, and all three, while different, had great strengths and raised no discernable red flags?


The Forte Institute offers a complete hiring system to improve employee retention and productivity by helping you hire the right person the first time.


One of the best ways to do that is to understand what kind of traits are necessary for a person to display to succeed in that particular position.


What are the behaviors or characteristics of your top performers? What type of person, beyond education or task expertise, is needed to fill the position –  what key strengths do they need to bring to this position?


We can help you find out.


The Forte Institute can help you determine which traits are needed for high performance in which positions on your team by looking at the profiles of your top performers in each job category. Furthermore, we can show you which of your leading candidates best matches those qualities – and how to coach them in the areas they differ so they can best meet the demands of the job.


Hiring, on-boarding and training a new employee is time-consuming and expensive. And of course, their performance affects your performance as a company. So it’s crucial to make wise hiring decisions.


So why is it so hard to hire great people? It’s not that great people aren’t out there. They are, and they’re applying for jobs at your company. The challenge is knowing which person’s strengths will be a great fit for which position.


Call or email The Forté Institute today and ask us to tell you more about our “Communicating to Hire” service.

Forte Institute member Rachel Olsen is on faculty in the Communication Studies department at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. She is a communication specialist and a trained and certified coach.