Building Your Competencies

The Forté i360 is a process in which a person receives both quantitative and qualitative performance feedback. The people who provide feedback are called raters and can include direct reports, peers, internal or external customers and the person’s leader.

The i360 is used to develop competencies for each person in an organization. You can use our default 8-competencies or modify to fit your own needs. The report is completely customizable.

To learn more, read about our i360 here.

What Are Your Top Performers Doing Differently?

Can you identify individuals within your organization that you would consider a “Top Performer”? Can you identify individuals within your organization that are not on the same level as your “Top Performer? If you answered yes to these questions, you could benefit from our Top Performer process in the Forté suite. To learn more, read Hoop’s current Insights article with the Greater Wilmington Business Journal.

What If I Am An Ambivert?

Do you ever have those moments when you feel super energized in the people environment? Or maybe there are some days where you just want to close your door and get your work done? Sometimes people can associate these behaviors as being ‘moody’ but at Forté, we associate it with ambiversion! How do you know if you are an ambivert? Take a look at Hoop‘s most recent Insights Article to learn more.