The One Call Cure

Today we have a  guest post by Forté client Vince Racioppo of the Center for Expert Performance.

I had a terrific experience with the Forte tool while working with a distribution center management team for a large organization (400,000+ employees). The vice president in charge of the center told me that the team was having difficulty, that communications had deteriorated and people were not getting along well. He asked if I could help him restore the teamwork and camaraderie to the way it was.

Using the Forte Communications Survey, I created an interaction report for every member of the group. After they selected their motivators and de-motivators from their survey, we broke the group into pairs and assigned each to discuss the best way to work with and motivate one another based on the Forte recommendations.

I’ll never forget one extraordinary discussion between a person who had high dominance and another who had high extroversion. The high extrovert of course wanted to talk in every encounter with the high dominant. The high dominant wanted simply to move on with business and felt that the extrovert was wasting his time. In turn the extrovert felt as though the high dominant did not like him. Once they understood their communication style differences, they experienced an “ah-ha” moment realizing that their discomfort was simply due to different styles and that they could adapt their communication to accommodate each other’s needs.

The remainder of the group had similar experiences. Because our time was limited, we could only pair off twice so the group decided that the team members would, on their own, meet in pairs to discuss their Forte results.

After 30 days, the vice president called me and said that the group had turned around completely. They once again were experiencing the fun and teamwork that they had previously. As a consultant, we rarely have a “one call cure” but in this case it actually happened!

 – Vince Racioppo, Center for Expert Performance, Inc. (847) 831 3182

The Forté Communication Profile Survey helps teams understand that communication differences do not have to create performance barriers.