by Sue 18. February 2013 19:50

March 13th & 14th Hoop Morgan, Facilitator

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Certification I Outcomes

Attendees will be certified to interpret and apply the following Forte elements:

  • Forte Primary Profile
  • Current Adapting Profile
  • Current Perceiver Profile
  • Current Logic
  • Current Stamina
  • Current Goals Index
  • Strength Intensities
  • Strength Pair Combinations
  • Forte Interaction Reports
  • Forte Team Pulse Reports
  • Forte Profile Model
  • Forte i360 Preview
  • Forte Performance Coaching
  • Forte Resiliency Model


by Hoop Morgan 12. September 2012 14:42

Just a quick note to thank all of you who've completed Forté Validation Requests, the follow-up email sent the day after you complete your Forté Primary (Benchmark) Report or your Forté Adapting Update.

Many of you add comments to the validity rating, and those comments have proven extremely useful over the past 30 years as we continue to update and upgrade The Forté Suite.

Just this past week, for example, we have updated some of the text at the top of page 3 of the Forté Communication Style Report and there are also updates on page 5 of the report. These updates are based on your Forté Primary Pattern and the intensity of your pattern. Do keep in mind that our technology allows updating a single word, maybe a sentence or an entire paragraph. These updates occur when we have a statistically significant consistency in feedback/questions/suggestions on a per pattern/intensity basis.

Again, thank you for your continued input as we continue to build the highest levels of accuracy and validity across the entire Forté Suite of Communication IntelligenceTM tools to meet your individual and organizational growth. 

Onward and Upward!

C.D. "Hoop" Morgan, III, Founder/Chairman, The Forté Institute, LLC



by Guest Blogger 15. June 2012 13:53

The Forte Communications Survey helps teams to understand that communications differences do not have to create performance barriers. I had a terrific experience with the Forte tool while working with a distribution center management team for a large organization (400,000+ employees). The vice president in charge of the center told me that the team was having difficulty, that communications had deteriorated and people were not getting along well. He asked if I could help him restore the teamwork and camaraderie to the way it was.

Using the Forte Communications Survey, I created an interaction report for every member of the group. After they selected their motivators and de-motivators from their survey, we broke the group into pairs and assigned each to discuss the best way to work with and motivate one another based on the Forte recommendations. I'll never forget one extraordinary discussion between a person who had high dominance and another who had high extroversion. The high extrovert of course wanted to talk in every encounter with the high dominant. The high dominant wanted simply to move on with business and felt that the extrovert was wasting his time. In turn the extrovert felt as though the high dominant did not like him. Once they understood their communication style differences, they experienced an “ah-ha” moment realizing that their discomfort was simply due to different styles and that they could adapt their communication to accommodate each other's needs. The remainder of the group had similar experiences. Because our time was limited, we could only pair off twice so the group decided that the team members would, on their own, meet in pairs to discuss their Forte results.

After 30 days, the vice president called me and said that the group had turned around completely. They once again were experiencing the fun and teamwork that they had previously. As a consultant, we rarely have a "one call cure" but in this case it actually happened!

Vince Racioppo Center for Expert Performance, Inc.

www.expertperformance.com 847 831 3182

Do you have an experience to share? A favorite motivational quote? If so, we'd love to hear! Please submit to: clientservices@theforteinstitute.com




by Hoop Morgan 6. March 2012 19:46

Welcome to our new website! You will see a number of changes and added features; database administrators will notice a number of database changes after logging into company sites. We will be offering 30 minute web and database overviews twice per week through the end of March... please contact clientservices@theforteinstitute.com to reserve your spot!

Many thanks to all web content contributors... we could not have completed this project without your help and support!



by Brid Bourke 5. March 2012 20:08
Today's workplace environment is characterized by reorganization, mergers, acquisitions, downsizing, and a global market that operates on a 24/7 clock. This level of evolution suggests that most leaders and employees will experience both successes and setbacks in varying degrees during their careers. How do people respond to setbacks? How can you measure your ability to persevere? The need for a resilient workforce: leaders and employees alike, is very much a critical organizational challenge.

Several years ago Forté launched its Resiliency Report. While the report is new, Forté has been measuring Resiliency for over 33 years. It is a correlation between the current stamina and goals index. The report identifies who has increasing resiliency and who has decreasing resiliency as an individual or a team since the last Forté Communications Style Survey was completed. This feature is available to all Forté clients so companies who have many staff on their Forté site can run this report against their total database to get a company 'snapshot' on current resilience.

Resiliency is the ability to manage well or bounce back from adversity. Individuals vary widely in their ability to adapt to different situations and their ability to rebound. Additionally, an individual is sometimes more resourceful and adaptively effective than at other times. Forté is the perfect tool to capture this as it can be updated every 30 days and Forté presents trends over time. We all have been there, those days when, by midafternoon, we are ready to call it a day or moving through the day in a highly effective, energized manner. The key is to validate the individual drivers for one's resiliency and reinforce them, and many times share these learnings with others for their benefit, as well.

The most positive outcomes we have seen with those leaders who have used this reporting feature with their teams or team members are:

1. Focuses the leader on increasing overall resiliency in the team;
2. Triggers the leader to concentrate 1:1 conversations on specific feedback;
3. Identifies the most relevant and powerful team solutions for this group of people right now, moving team development from nice to have trendy stuff to focused cause and effect development.
4. Clarity on goals and results.
5. In-depth understanding of how the environment and the leader are impacting the level of 'up-for-it' in the team.

For more information about the Forté Resiliency Report. Click Here 


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